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of climate is secured. All these patients should, if possible, have

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of this description for the upper and lower jaws, perceived, soon after wearin

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Hebra's type must therefore be considered as a mere variety.

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promethazine dm is for

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where half the time is given to work and half to teaching —

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vious statement as to the speedy termination of the

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bulance would be constantly receiving patients sent there

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of the cystin; but at times urines are met with in which a distinct

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losis occurring from the specific serum developed. For the

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ont an incision to distingnish it from an ovarian tnmor. Mas-

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posterior arch of the atlas. This nerve supplies the deepest muscles

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licensed, and therefore a properly qualified, class of women for

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whereby qualified practitioners studying for higher qualifica-

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Carmelite Order in England, and Confessor to King Henry the

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cous membrane invites the spread of the false membrane ; the de-

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The method of its employment is important. After giving the first dose,

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greatest hope appears to lie In the fact that young mosquitos \

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be entirely independent, and as physicians will do well to re-

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but so virulent in character that it killed a guinea-pig every day for three

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tation, inasmuch as he was invited from one place to

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^} be iiu.ilided to I' ; but in tlie litter e.i-e tlie\ had to be

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toneal inflammation, hemorrhage, and perforation constitute in gen-

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both of the other two serums. Seven were agglutinated only by serum

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every day, was thought to have gastro-enteritiB, with

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but in this disease there is a state of marked hyper-

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manding Officer a readjustment of sleeping hours. He has been eat-

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acquires a violet tint, and before its final disappearance it passes successivdy

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ployed by the diphtheria patient; also from towels, handkerchiefs,

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either into reaction or into fatal collapse, occasioned by the nature,

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Such was the condition presented by the interior of the larynx during

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into pills. At times it seems to possess anthelmintic properties.

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three, or four days, the expectoration becomes more abundant, and con-

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