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evidence of excessive fluid. At labor a small foot protruded with

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the terms, anjemia, clilorosis, hysteria, et cetera.

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contradiction to the fact, that these abscesses have a great tendency to

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the arterial coats ; I only detected it by very careful dissection,

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conclusions to be deduced from the preparation and study of the tables,

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Cass, W. C, M.R.C.S.E., has been appointed an Honorary Medical Officer

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causing insuflSciency, and who died in six months with

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being forced to run along the wards quite rapidly, he had used

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portant, therefore, to encourage in these persons a more active outdoor

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operated on was already much weakened, and, as there was no

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into the box. A moment or so later the chairman of the committee

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in her lower limbs, emaciation, very copious discharges of urine depositing an abondaot l^i

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into the intimate pathology of most of the spreading

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these simple rules, and by using weak solutions, I have never since

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themselves : for whatever may be said of the powers of endurance in

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easiness. Another case is mentioned by this gentleman, in which sensation

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lay entirely in the upper part of the uterus. On the other hand, in two cases,

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abscess cavity above the right tonsil ; after a few days the abscess cavity

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certain alkaline mineral waters, tuberculin, and menstruation may in-

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welcome relief is obtained for many hours. Thus restful sleep and

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than she had had at her own disjiosal before. In her

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organisms of the normal and pathological male urethra

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metal attachment into which a conical metal piece connected with the second

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I shall consider the subject before me on rather broad

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Proceeding from the target and passing through the tube to the

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ber of cases with success at the Charite clinic. In eight

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bring about eventually a lowered resistance to a return of the disease

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Before we close this analysis, we will notice one difficulty

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