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(60 miles) in one day. In a relatively large percentage of the

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for an hour, remove from the fire, and strain while

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you the results, any deductions I may draw from my cases are to be regarded

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E. Chase, Wobum, was elected president; Dr. Joseph W. Heath,

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mating the temperature of the body, cause no change in

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least a probability from the combination of all the circumstances

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Autopsy. — Embolism of the parieto-sphenoid branch of the left sylvian artery.

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horizontal line of variable thickness, traversing the corn in a

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'^k?!^ t*E|:uf'" '"'"''"' ''''^'^ 19 i^-«^^"^^^^ • • -■ •' M

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outlay for cable despatches necessary to the fulfilment of

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Magnesife C rbonatis. The Liquor Slorphise Acetati-, of 1851

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behind damage to the pelvic vessels. On one occasion I was

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massive smallpox innoculation for the American Army

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to stock-growers during the summer has been considerable.

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VII. Attention, which is the direct expression of the degree and

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theoretically, either during inspiration or during expiration, and both pos-

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tained ; and we truft that no a priori opinions will induce a

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nuclei, or the growth of certain other forms of micro-organ-

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indicate it, such as bronchitis or diabetes. If such com-

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Electrical reactions. — General diminution to both currents.

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derive the phrase "blue devils" to designate mental dejection?

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happened to have a suitable and willing subject. Having done

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owing to the urgency of the case. Dr. Whittaker, whose

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tent, and a rapid defervescence ensues usually about the fourth, fifth,

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hemorrhage in the brain, found the greater number of attacks to take

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withomt the tetanic spasms, and in the enjoyment of his usual health.

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