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12,741 of these were reported as having defective vision. 532 had

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so that finally we have at least 50 per cent of women with definite

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arrangements, any extra call, of whatever nature (likely

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the crest of the stimulus ; such a contraction approximates most closely

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and may also appear in the excretions, as the urine, saliva, milk, and bile.

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I next saw the patient in June, 1898, in consultation with

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Nursing Home for the care of convalescents, rest cures and

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and how the help of the mothers is needed. Such meetings have been

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we may readily induce gastrio catarrh or some other disease of the

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symptoms as depression of the vault of the skull. From

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effects upon germs and germ life, would conduce to its

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There are many borderland cases, in which the mind of the

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covered by an eschar than through an open wound left by

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meaning alveolar enq^hysema, the latter meaning the presence of air

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benefit of the profession at large — for the exaltation

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orable to the development of its destructive power, not

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Government Board, spoke at length in favor of the New

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predelictions for the use of the pen, I have seldom contributed anything of my expe-

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four separate years. The Illinois law requires further that all applicants who graduated since July, 1923,

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customary when one wishes to purchase a slave, so that one may convince

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ache, languor, sleeplessness, general exhaustion, constitute the nervous

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lesion was confined to the temporal gyrus word blind-

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being directly opposite a large club house, and another

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182. Mrs. S., Nov. 10, '99. Variety, bronchial ; duration, 10

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acwmjianying or following the hemorrhage. The 3S6 cases analyzed by

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jects tongue fairly, and though the organ does vibrate as a whole, there are

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pleasant scent of which will speedily evaporate on exposure

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face. The ends of the sphincter muscle were approximated and stx^'ured

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it, and he presses to learn all that is known, and often much

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die if they do not find a suitable host in early summer, the

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morrhage. There was remarkable inertia of the uterus. The hand

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ejected from the bowels being chiefly of a greenish-yellow color, and often

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somewhat confounded with it There were no neoformed vessels

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