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very severely. The eyesight is too valuable to strain for the

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SouEVY is so little known in modern times that a naval sur-

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anatomic appearance which is comparable to that obtained in animals

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Blackberries } The doctor groaned in spirit. But she

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irritability of the paralyzed muscle has been impaired. If the lesion be

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Dr. Greig showed specimens of typhoid bacillus, demonstrating

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and is probably a link in the chain of development of lep-

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Office Hours by Appointment — Closed Wednesday Afternoons

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tendency to uterine relaxation it is well to place a sort of compress

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an indefinite character, but which soon developed into

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tion. sus])icion, and irritaliility. In conclusion, the writer

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the strongest proofs I have that this theory is well founded and correct, and is

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the lower. The skin of the eyelids te thin, and beneath it there i^

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tuberculous mciiingitis, and no other member of the family show any

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aponeurofis runs forward, implanting itfelf into the crural arch

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cell’s brush border and loss of lectase. This can lead to a

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the water, of some $10,000,000. This would not only have paid

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write prescriptions and therefore to know handicapped victims of advanced patho-

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then, the case has progressed tolerably favourably, with the exception

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was the work so effective, the results so brilliant and numerous as now.

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many " fallen fleeces," torn off the bodies of dead animals. Dr Bell, who

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lished and on the personality of the doctor. Some men become close

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the administration of antipyrine; and if the patient is very restless, it may

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examined, and he wished to impress the Court that he was then perfectly sane.

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therefore, better and more "ready"' than that now proposed — no com-

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Medical Research Laboratory, Hazelhurst Field, Mineola, L. I., and

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de la fontanelle anfeiieure. (;oni;. fran(;. de chir. Proc-

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EXPERIMENT IV. — April 17, 1917. Temperature as recorded by Door Thermometer,

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times considerable, and not unfrequently covers the lips and nasal

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ness, pain, and stiffness of legs, with discoloration of two weeks

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