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Baginsky. — Das Leben des Weibes. Diatetische Briefe.

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months back a disease has been prevailing, closely resembling

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exists offers the best explanation of the occurrence of

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same councilor district. The committee shall report to the House of

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the cavity. The synovial membrane furnishes a thick fluid

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with the test mentioned. In a few isolated cases of ileus, peritonitis,

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pathology. On this point Mr. Stanley makes the following remarks : —

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be considered cured, and, if he has any strength of char-

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Labor and Delivery. Tenex (guanfacine hydrochloride) is not

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favourite remedy being the application of equal parts of extract of belladonna

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abdomen. The fore-finger of the right hand (sometimes two

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beneht is obtained by the administration gous cases strikingly favorable and tinfa-

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the point of origin is not generally preperitoneal or subcuta-

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became distinguished as professors or at least as teachers in certain

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to immunize a horse against diphtheria, one injects under the

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The following analysis from the late Dr. Cheadle's private records

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mains foul, is of all things the most injurious ; for it renders it both moist an<i

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Dr. G. B. Jenkins : I like the definition of constipation given by

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could receive the publications of other similar organizations. *

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on the left side. A hypodermic needle inserted in the middle

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plague is quite distinct from the real date of its outbreak in a

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dilution of the blood — an accident quite impossible in hypodermoclysis or

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cortex in which tactile and muscular sense impressions are stored. The

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If the heart be found firmly contracted, its cavities seem smaller and its walls

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Hannan, James C, Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer Co. Founder.

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greatest utility. It is thoroughly trustworthy from

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for clothing, and to mix the stools with sawdust and burn them, an old

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At this point the subject rested until the just pub-

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formerly the term had a wider latitude than now, embracing affections

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coal has proved a most efiicient agent for effecting this purpose. It is of importance

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(1) The /oca/ zone, in which the disease is never absent, including Havana,

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