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Phenergan Causing Gangrene

PORAL powbr-bbnefit OF CLERGY-BXCOMMUNICATION. In one large
phenergan causing gangrene
of the ihum. The other point is to clear the bone of all
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diac inflammation, and the fever itself, with its profuse and
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applied to it is even more effective. Slapping the chest with
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and, as a first-class stimulant, a therapeutic of unlimited
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took credit for ^z(70 "Murphies" in his register; calling the
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ations, evidently caused by the different condition of the
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and left side of thorax to the left axilla. There was
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cally. Has any one ever seen a similar injury or known
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effected, and the risk of the escape of the liquid into the peritoneal cavity
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intending radiologists will feel it essential to obtain the diploma
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up heart. Digitalin is the best form for hypodermic injec-
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unusual opportunities for infection on account of occupa-
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applied, induces a very marked improvement, which, however, is
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sure was only 95 mm., while in Case 9 (Text-fig. 9) the difference was
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school children receives adequate attention, the value of the
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of the thyroid or adrenal, and since there was a recip-
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ing the pupil consists of the centres for the contraction of
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ยงยง 13 to 22 apply to postal trade (S 24), with the provision that in
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of the carbonate of soda or potassa, dissolved in a mixture of an ounce
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Collier drew the inference that the operation was not
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in two of the cases that the cardiac lesion had preceded the pelvic.
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instructive and entertaining as to make the whole thing self-supporting
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Kuhn ^ reports the statistics of inoculation in the South African
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mention that unguentum tart, antimony or hydriodat. potass, were abo
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ciable deterioration of cognition in an alert person that
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but little benefit ; hence, in most cases, there is little to do but have
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Dorothy Wessman, has brought action against H. A. Baker &
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of the muscles. It should he taken up as the animals become thin.
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ing especially startling to offer us, either from their own,
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i in i lending scourge, or to abate the ravages of those terrible
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denly ceased. I looked up and saw that his face had turned deadly pale. He
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of self-pollution. Again, such unlawful procreation is injurious
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not continue to be infective for more than one month from that time. A few

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