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sons who write much should avoid bending over, as this

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forty in number, six incisors, twelve molars, and two canines, in

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For discussion we will take up the physical characteristics of

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of the local treatment which was had recourse to. The arrest of the disease

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ucts being specifically contagious." According to Hellat, " the " rapid

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children may cry when pricked or otherwise irritated, it is merely the

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eruption, on the second day, and continues as long as there is des-

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11 5th. The apparatus producing the mucous matter, — composed,

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blood-corpuscles and of their capacity to carry oxygen.

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1414. Pleurisy may become chronic, from the acute form be-

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!ew months he had seen nine cases, and in three of them

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while in one instance the animal quite recovered. It should be

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Hinus. J. Laiyngol., Lond.. 1899, xit, 47.5-477. — Troiii-

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recognize a typical fibroid or a scirrhus. The cases of

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On the day after the l)irth there appeared " an luuisual redness over

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ces which it distributes through it by means of the nervous system ; and

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worse than absolute^ none, and a late operation, undertaken

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at the present day to be typhoid fever modified by the effects of extreme alti-

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Insufficiency. — Chart 6 illustrates the effect of daily graduated «

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the injury killed the patient. If the shock were slight

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easily and distinctly recognized. There is also evidence of the growth

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stricken with plague pneumonia, which remained undiscovered for thirty-six

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allotted to medical study in the consideration of so much of

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formed as quickly as possible. There are few recoveries after 12 hours.

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tumor to the right of the median line, and half-way be-

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acteristics; examination of pus, sputum, excretions, etc., correlating the

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discharge of more or less fluid stools. In many persons two or three

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or thirty days. The ductus arteriosus is said to become entirely closed

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bring it to the boil a second time, being careful not to stir

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