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clime might not be uninteresting to some of your readers, especially

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imaginary line. A uniform average measure of this depth is best

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appeared so much prostrated that I ordered him arrowroot with beer.

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nerves of the arm to the spinal cord and brain, and is thence, by a reflex

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Eleven years experience, since I first delivered the foregoing obser-

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he may have heard, seen, and if a member of the Medical Society, he

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Ovarian Tumor Cured ; by W. Grullnpe, M.D., of Bangor, Me.

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less marked in the morning, but became more and more decided

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poisoned by arsenic in handling skins on which it had been used


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The meeting was organized by calling Dr. Dunham to the Chair,

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weeks. He found the patient fainting and pulseless ; the discharge

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1831 ; Constantinople, July, 1831; Adrianople, GaUipoli, Philippopili,

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Influenza. — The epidemic of the so-called "Spanish flu" reached

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is no pitting on pressure with the finger, and the surface is usually of a

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hardest water and is used for the hair and teeth. In hot countries,

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tliis time she complained of sickness of stomach immediately after

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afterwards learned, consulted one or two other oculists in Boston,,

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the Orpheus Glee Club gave great pleasure to all ; while the inspiring

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AYe had a patient here, some time back, who had two convulsive parox-

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as originating in the nervous extremities themselves, how easy will it be

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states of Maine, Massachussetts, and Rhode Island, remained entirely

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The female is slender and spindle-shaped, having a constriction at

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taneously ceased, under the same plan of treatment. In some families

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