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dicious confinement of children, warm and ill-ventilaied nui^eries, the

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which had been consumed by an adventurous body of men who had

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two thousand tumours were observed on the skin and nerve trunks of one

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creamy cement of the proper shade. A series of matching shades are given

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In the low stages of many febrile diseases, opium may be given ad-

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Opportunities will be oflfered for the obaervatioo of diseaseeand their treatment in t»9 Ditpeutuj

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Even when perforation has taken place the general health remains good.

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<* M. Maingault objected, that, in the case of young women likely

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Pure Water, — A writer in the London Lancet, states that the good

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In oonclusion, we hope the State of Vermont has gimen the Soperio-

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is averse to cold — such is the catarrhal ophthalmia, for example. In

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relief gained has usually been only very temporary, and life has been

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mixed with blood, and form a sort of puriform matter.

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or ten times. This can be again entirely repeated as prescribed, usually from,

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administered by the mouth have any apparent effect upon the pigmented

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complications, the most important of which are melsena and perforation of

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symptoms have been relieved by the administration of purgatives. Catar-

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trachea and the otherwise free lobe which is to be removed. In separating

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6, and in many cases 1 to 7 or 8. The respiration, though often more

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arrest of development as well, and the child has become a complete cretin.

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Captain* W. F. Harvey, i.m.s., in the Punjab and Hutchinson in

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unite the anterior wound by the interrupted suture.

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results arrived at by widely separated and independent observers, afford a

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on the whole, to refer this asphyxia to the state of the heart, whilst it

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tributory factor in the production of the disease ; therefore all occupations

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pressure. They may be shghtly vesicular, they rarely appear before the

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were connected with or in any way dependent upon tuberculous dis-

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corrosive sublimate was called hydrargyrum muriatum. You may

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the rule that the stomach-tube should not be used in corrosive poisoning.

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