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the fragments while the patient was walking about. Fractures of
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more satisfactory, and liability of error cut down to a
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It is now stated that on September 18th (the day before I
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especially an acute observer, capable of benefiting
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nuque. ficho med., Toulouse, 1890, 2. s., iv, 397; 409.
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the aorta which instead of developing anteriorly occupied
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Dr. Thomas quotes with approval the following from " an accomplished
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The study of isomerism and isomorphism enables us to establish a con-
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slovak Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatol-
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dressing? In replying to the second query, the author reviews the several
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dition IVom torture and extreme agony to comparative comfort.
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found no trace of the crepitant rale, and only a few
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a spasmodic state of some of the muscles concerned in respiration.
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got well under way, the disease goes on and the force,
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lected separately and tested for complement content.
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and had selected the cases as not only appearing to be well adapted for
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not unusually slightly defective. No treatment is called for.
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he is going to do, unless he sticks to it through thick and thin
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ment, if that structure remains unbroken, the case may go on
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irritation. The probability of the affection being functional is increased in
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his admission into my wards. There was no other symptom to be noticed excepting
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propagated over the upper left half of the thorax, but eau not be heard
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ension or perhaps actual pain in some part of the skin, the nape of the neck
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Stales and to the medical officers serving at any foreign
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been made. The most plausible theory, and in fact what
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present has been precipitated, and the remaining liquid, when filtered, has no
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the meshes of which nearly half a pint of sero-purulent fluid
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maxilla, in the teeth, and the i;pper lip. The principal tender point is
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occurs in those who have before experienced it. In all cases of varioloid,
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by constipation and a pulse of increased tension. This is

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