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quadrupeds, from analogy deduced from the already known powers

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Hot Springs. In my judgment, in the reaction from the

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was a non-renal form of albuminuria which it was im-

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disease becomes very speedily fatal in those who have scarcely any discharge

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in the milder form of case, and the right and left sides are affected with

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tend to'ai)pear more frequently in middle age, but no age is exempt.

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ment in checking congestion and effusions. It would

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peer review. Perhaps it is time to more fully extend

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one hour. {Deut. Med.-Zeitung, Vol. XYIII, page 768.)

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to the supposed cases of miurder, especially when the

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there are, scattered richly throughout the brain tissues, other cells known

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my mind whether the inhalation of the vapor of water

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cess, known as passive atrophy, in which the chemistry of

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ization requires a certain amount of time. In other

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Maximal Height of Barometer (23rd, at 9 a.m.), 30.594

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ledge the return of " Registers for Cases of Cancer", from T. Eyton

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The objects of treatment in cases of purpura hasmorrhagica are, the restora-

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Immediately on the receipt of the injury done by the haemorrhage, the

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persons presenting no overt signs of paralysis agitans, or like degenera-

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son specially liable, at a certain age, to the development of this disease should

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aperture in the pelvic floor through which they pass — conceived by

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and Sandras,f that they have found and recognized in the chyle, the oil of

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not, then, the discharges be looked upon as salutary — as the

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secretions obliterated the intestinal glands, causing

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of the asylum whence the patient is to be removed, of the fitness

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five minutes before his color was restored. Experience

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—0.3-0.6) may be prescribeil. Codein sulphate may be given at prolonged

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merely a theorist. His researches and conclusions are embod-

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Dawne Ryals, PO Box 1925, Roswell, GA 30077-1925. (404)

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and I have seen 2 fatal cases, one attended by carbuncle and the other with

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