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of the entozoon were exhibited under microscopes, and Dr.
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should be toward the capillaries, and if a vein, toward
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also koumiss or keii, could be taken. Besides food the
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instances, probably, to the disease under considera-
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an assistant, to prevent tilting of the pelvis, and the injured one is
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A young woman was sent to him with the diagnosis of pyelo-nephritis. Her tempera-
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spores are of diflferent size (2-3 fi). There appears to be no justifica-
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prize will, if desired, be returned to the addresses to be given, with-
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tigo it should be remembered that, this affection in its
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was repeated several times with the same result. A still more conclusive experi-
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tura della niadre in rnpporto colla vita del fi-to. (jior. p.
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advantage of, for during the past year 538 nurses were resident
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were at the same time submitted to microscopical examination
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improvement obtained in cases of much longer standing are,
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we may readily induce gastrio catarrh or some other disease of the
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At all events, it causes the patient a good deal of distress, increases his
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tion of the uterus, compressed between two hard substances, is
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modem medical thought the laity can almost acquire as
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nnder the first impressions of external nature, and the first lights of instruction.
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of the arterioles ) calls forth a correspond injjly increased cardiac action, and thus
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cause of alopecia proper treatment usually succeeds in the restoration
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upon society. If we calculate the cost of the keep of a single
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occasionally, but it is never distressing. His general health is good, and
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progressive obstetricians in publishing to the world the
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to have had a more singular fate than usually befalls the

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