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erring certainty, to my mind, to pernicious anemia. The more
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Thus the visual axis of that eye, instead of being in
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late Dr. Sims, and spoke of the bust as almost a speaking like-
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of 2,400 with trade area of 7,000 in Green county. No in-
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and not infrequently do show, such symptoms, while the fevers of
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defined, slightly elevated red papule, which at the very beginning is
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contrasting with general emaciation ; heart and lungs negative ; liver dullness
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of course, accelerated the coagulation, notwithstanding the
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strual molimen occurred, consisting in rig- you the truth, doctor, I'm tired of
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that of the Medical witnesses whom they themselves could
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antiseptic precautions; strength of spray, one to eighty.
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with senior nursing and medical staff. A second registered nurse,
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Ordered a cathartic, as his bowels have been confined.
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on the throne, seems to have been almost as much interested
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involve the mucous membrane of both tubes and uterus.
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cosis, because no tetanus is produced by a rapidly interrupted induced
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through an article by Maurice Richardson, on extra-uterine pregnancy and pelvic
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normal, and the pupils contracted ; but the grave and severe symptoms
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The mouths of October, November and December, furnished a heavier
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has hitherto been characterised ; two questions naturally present them-
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follow iu the train, and before he knows it he is regarded as a gourmand,
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of the case. Improvement was very slow and uncertain till
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toration, and considered himself to have <[nite recovered. An
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return, I took about two thirds of a cupful of luke-warm skunk
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those dependent upon the formation of pus within the bone ;
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The course of the affection, said the author, was essen-
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owing to the persistent vomiting and fVcquent purging, the remed}' is not
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and lumbar regions. This amount of success aitis the subse-

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