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claimed that psoriasis was but a form of seborrheic
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At this time another befogging notion was generally accepted.
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vesicles which sometimes occur in erysipelas, may be called
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16 Manual of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases, Injuries,
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tive or suppurative destruction of more or less cir-
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to the siib.iect of intr acranial lesions, with defects in the
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nary surgeons, and Mi*. Fon-ester on behalf of the Nor-
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tion of the first stage of labour within twelve or fourteen hours
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tinal disturbances. There is no enlargement or tenderness
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Amongst the various wines which have paid their homage to
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— Dr. X. O. Werder, of Pittsburg, read a paper on this
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third and endemic cholera in a fourth, is still a secret to the
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Some Unusual Adenocarcinomas of tbe Breast. J. Clark Stewart,
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inability to move the limb has appeared to arise from
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tities other than oxygen and nitrogen, and. perhaps we
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Medical Dispensary %n Boston, — This valuable institution for the gra-
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able in certain cases because it injures some of the desired constit-
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can we expect from the registration of the closely guarded secrets of-
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62 Friedrlcb Nietzcbe: A Stady In Mental Pathology. William
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backward, several times, but to no effect; pressure
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At first it looked as though he would die in a few weeks, but he has
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supposition o? a Solvent gastric juice, would be of no other use
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the same appearance on the skiagram. Of course, this is a rather tedi-
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Rous, Peyton, and Wilson, George W. The influence of ether
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erations performed by the author for intestinal obstruction shows
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isolation hospital at Porte dAubervilliers f this much-dreaded com-
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aches, especially worse in rainy weather, have been
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iu the very young forms, ;iuil, according to Romanowsky, it appears
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described by Dr. Batty Shaw and Dr. Tyson are included in this group.
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Dilatation de I'appareil uriuaire chez le foetus parretr6ci3-

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