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(especially those in this city) will be given, and the
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under discussion. In addition to the causal agencies above named,
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in the subplcural and interlobular cellular tissue, and communicate with longi-
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rate of o.xidation may have interfered with the niotihty of the chromatophores.
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older, gardening or carpentering. Their teeth, eyes,
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For the treatment of erysipelas, puerperal sepsis, phlegmon, mastoiditis, malignant endocarditis, acute ton-
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LEVI REUBEN, M. O., Prof.of Physiology, Pathology, & Forensic Medicine.
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selves. When charges of bigotry and illiberality are thrown in our
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departure with doubt or disfavor, and not a few predicted
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treatment the successful issue of the case was largely due.
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This Dr. Beatty and the adherents of the single-curved
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workers to present the principles of modern medical treatment
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thorax, etc., and the heart mass should stand in direct
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the rhinoscope are freely and frankly acknowledged. The author
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organization of the City and State, as well as the School Board. Since
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see delirium tremens as often. It occurs to me that the prognosis in
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them first. No doubt quite a number of you would like
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ter-dollar. I tell her that everything is going on well and
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Necropsy proved this diagnosis, and in addition the
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the cerebral circulation. Of over 70 cases of valvular lesions which I
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directed to give notice when he desired to urinate, he
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circulation is re-established. It has also been recommended to administer
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government, the names of the proposed commission were
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ease, while, in the latter, the submaxillary glands are
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Meat increases and conversely its absence retards or even
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at lamplight Specks and ulcers on the eyeball, constant desire to keep
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to the average, the operation is attended with much less danger
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the blood were examined with Bizzozero's instrument with the following results :
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have met witli a patient who had always an attack after eating honey ; he
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may not retiun for months. In some instances the pain is persistent, and al-
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to the building just destroyed there remain ten buildings in
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water, if circumstances permit, may enter with advantage into the alka-
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1849 the western towns and districts were more engaged, as
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ourselves that the closing years of the nineteenth century

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