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temporal, the posterior inferior angle of the parietal and left

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tions of hypertension, as cardiac decompensation, cardiomegaly and retinopathy. . . .

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inpatient care was not dealt with in the present inquiry,

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By V. Rochet. 8vo, 287 pages. Illustrated. Published by Horn-

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more chronic in their nature, and which may be irrecover-

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who he poetically denominates the " Celebrated Secretary of

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talc powder of 10 per cent, strength. Internally the administration of

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place childi’en for adoption, may place a child in a

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public-spirited undertaking. Let the contention be as to who

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bad Sprudel Salts should be advised, as there is a possibility

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3. Those in front of the ear, the parotid group, which may again be divided

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lids are swollen, and swellings are also encountered on the extremi-

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of Anglo-Saxon and Germanic types of men, exhibiting to a large extent

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justifying the radical operation. Though no actual data

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vincial practitioner, and an honour to his native town. The use

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9. Normal cerebrospinal fluid does not contain opsonin for

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exteruiing into the crural art<ry of the right side:

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Will it be believed, by those who read this, that the writer ever saw a

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exigency. In all pneumonic inflammations, whether of the bron-

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isthmus. It will now rest against the drum-head. Here,

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headache and pains in the limbs. The attacks occur at

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is usually the case. I think, in the majority of cases, albumen and

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by their food. Whatever be the alimentation, whatever be the

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Causes " malignant jaundice " in dogs. Sporonts to 60 /u

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