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giving positive Schicks immunized. One more case, the last in this

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matory effusion or oedema ; but as the infiltration 9-

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and tongue show the typical lesions of measles. The endothelial cells of the

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"we have seen to be one of the principal modes in which the disease proves

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hasty digestion, which is sure to fill the body full of crudities and

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cal Record, you published an editorial on " Anaesthe-

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physician must obtain the history of symptoms and exposure,

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Charles Percivall, however, informs me that the occurrence is by

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Mr. Guthrie, but first performed by Dr. Parker, of New York, was executed

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lie symptoms of nephritic colic, constitutes lHhiasis or gravel. The

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of Uartford, in May, 1SG2, to the Connecticut Medical Society. Tile

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When the ordinary styptic and stringent remedies fail to arrest it, plug-

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almost always, like the su])inator longus in the arm, being spared. In

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specific change takes place, in a marked degree, only in lungs

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These changes in the dead body, may occasionally have an important

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genital herpes have been established only for up to

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while in other cases the ciliary body, the iris, and the choroid were

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Participated in a Panel Discussion entitled "Meeting the Patients' Needs

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splitting it up into several layers. The result is that the affected area

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its management or is willing to prepare himself thoroughly for its duties

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are more who call it a diffuse cerebro-spinal neurosis, or

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patient's bed, he turned sharply round to the nurse and inquired what had

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Cyanosis of the lips, face, and extremities usually occurs only in des-

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after he was injured. The history of the case is as follows :

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It was charged at the first Price ; he told me afterwards I must

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know, Lee Iacocca is no friend of ours and never has been. His

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and of numbness in the fingers. This sensation is produced after writing

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benefit from the use of galvanism in any case wliere there was

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no antecedent or primary disease or lesion could be demonstrated. In

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organs of generation were perfectly sound, but the patient acknowledged that

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account of its food value. Upon discharge April 28, 1916, she

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being real. A large squint would be no evidence, but the slighter the

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otomy, in both of which the patients died. The first case was

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deid. Dr. T. J. W. Pray, of Dover ; SecreUiry, Dr. G.

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