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Promethazine Codeine Vs Hydrocodone Syrup

page, line 25, 1 the first writing was tp ptiey senja
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there is no note to that effect. The symptoms dated
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their fellows in mental power, and when even those who,
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10. Statistics of the Medical Colleges of the United States,
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mosphere. The amount of this gas in the air is relatively small —
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subject to modification in the smaller class of houses.)
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the upper third, in 5 cases the lower third. Nineteen
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peculiarities must be studied and consulted. Whatever is
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accordingly. In three weeks, eighty-seven lumbrici were dis-
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there could be no question of the diagnosis in most of
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the latter was due to a " process of conservative substitution, designed to
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The threads were first discovered in a bouillon culture of cow's
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subject, we fail to detect any evidences of hyperemia or to discover
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in one-fourth of the cases), irregular temperatures and
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points in which he had been led to diifer tlierefrom
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nective tissue element, a progressive epithelial regeneration.
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friction, but a blowing murmur, as formerly noticed, at the base of heart ; respira-
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exposed five times to this source of light energy. In the
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internal organs ; (2) whatever the cause of the excessive nnilti-
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's Patients," they ought not to be subject to any objec-
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detached placenta. It is a serious accident, but by no means as serious as
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the descent of the toe of the pedal bone, the absorption of its
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SuEOEON II. C. Cutcliffe, F.R.C.S., now officiating as Pro-
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chest." The man went at once to Mr. Edwards's house, but as that
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time and attention. This venerable member of the pro-
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system' in the Northern and Western portions of the
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touch of the finger, and had not apparently any organic^ con-
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vouchsafed them one word of explanation and encourage-
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l>ranous inflammation about the tonsil only in connec-
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of the cases and in a certain number by joint-pains. As regards

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