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to the presence of the mastoid antrum in the ear of infants in the

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In considering these cases we see we have— first, perforation

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The question of prevention seems to resolve itself into the need

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lopian tube in hyperplastic salpingitis, points out that

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The Council authorized a mail survey of a random sam-

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This increased and increasing cleanliness was beginning to be, and

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metamorphosis and disintegration. An albuminous serum transudes

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the glandular epithelium and its atypical growth in the

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and one-half percent of the hogs in the United States.

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amount of difficulty arises in differentiating such small "large" mono-

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articular surface upon its inner side, the angles of dis-

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is in conflict, looking for supremacy of expression.

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Hilaire, from the Greek ripag- and' hyos, belongs properly to

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more, and Philadelphia. Returns of hogs packed at these cities are

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plicated with meningitis, which is very dangerous; the

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denly of heart disease on May 28th, aged forty-three years.

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same as in an ordinary laparotomy — hot douches with

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ing the latter from fluctuations of room temperature. Frequent meas-

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cational school system. By it the school fund was created and in it

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that this occurred in ninety per cent, of cases. He would not

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affected nerve and, either by their actual presence or by means of

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is strong and productive, but between them it is exceedingly

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benefits Avere persistently exploited, prejudice was combatted and the

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pressure in the stage of traumatic edema when there is any

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The Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania met at 'Sansom

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called caffeo-tannic acid. During roasting, a part of the

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tory of unusual origin. It is from the clinic of Dr. Vidal at the

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rapid. Under these circumstances they may be used to record the high-

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