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to deal w^ith such acute accidents as hemorrhage or perforation or

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as in the other" (Moullin). The rapid absorption of liquid substances gives

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lucency, to grayish red and finally to the soft, flesh}^ gray red and opaque

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there of a rusty colour. On examining the chest, a crepitating rale is heard for the

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Inhalation of Creasote Vapor. — A visit was then made

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10,000. The lowest division is marked and the numbering is upward

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structure of the tumours, to wit: — 1. Tubercula fungosa. 2. Tubercula

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President Woolsey was greatly relieved when he got rid of them.

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contribute to the diffusion of true science, and pa

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slighter but very painful flexion of the great toe, in which

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practical importance to clearly distinguish diphtheria

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not the same effect be produced by artificial cold, by dropping ether on

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their opponents, they must lose the battle. Now it happens

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The analysis of my operations I present, not for ophthalmic surgeons

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tumbler. The male is easily distinguished from the female by the

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Comunicacion presentada al congreso medico de Barcelona de 1888.

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others declare that what the defendant did was con-

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the use of operating-gloves for instance, would be un-

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is it safe to deny dogmatically the existence of injurious substances in a

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in this respect with that of the late Dr. Samuel \V. Gross,

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healthy, granulating surfaces, and the only uncertainty that

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English writer has seen five children, in a family of nine,

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the birth of the lir-t child -he had. 1 -aw her for the

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Ht: phosphatase, BUN and SGPT. In single and multiple-dose

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In order to determine the number of copies to be printed, parties wishing one

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do not present a faithful, annual record of medical investigation

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men, and noted for practical by a rule of thumb ■ but

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stimulant, of which we find strychnine, spartein or nitro-

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in nutrition by the use of proper nervine supports.

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thighs. There was no disturbance of the bladder function. Two

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