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the College Museum (No. 3,539a). The kidney was removed by

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ing both those bills and to date has been successful in stalling any action.

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and the stimulants not only arouse the depressed nervous system, and through the sym-

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circulation and to produce the hyperemia necessary to estab-

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may co-operate with other causes in giving rise to various diseases, whether

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Sequard, Kussmaul, and Tenner have proved by experiments upon aninials

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however, destroyed the membrane and tissues of the uterus, and

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Necropsy proved this diagnosis, and in addition the

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If the disease be nothing abated by these means, that which is between the sound

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they had no jurisdiction to with the matter of the complaint.

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using the ophthalmoscope ; and they reproduce the appearances-

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a penholder. The cause of this was found to be a complete adhesion of the

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survey institutions and organizations for continuing

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normal adults, shows a difference, which is probably due to

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tion, and coming from the snow-capped summit of Mount Her-

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says it was the practice of some to tie the veins and arteries,

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sible to grow the organisms, and we had to rely upon finding them with

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debility. There was no history of tuberculosis in his family: luthermore, no indi-

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privileged to make trial of the costly mineral and to judge of

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merely a theorist. His researches and conclusions are embod-

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which are excellently reproduced. Abundant references to the

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these speech-ditturbances cannot be produced by lesions in

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Should the operative field be rendered bloodless by

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genito-urinary and alimentary tracts. One followed cataract

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ming pools, instead of sewing societies ; prescribe horseback

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reaches advanced years — and the stage of old age is not the same for all

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.: ; beU urLn in -t,eh term- ..- the abo.e. .md the ..m.umt

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winners will be made in a subsequent issue of the journal as soon as the decision of the

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ceived. The arm lost its temperature, but by the application of

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uterine pregnancy. Each case requires a distinct treatment, and with

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