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number of days. While lying down he was comfortable, but

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if the space at our command admits of il, we shall take pleasure tn

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in New York. Dr. LaForce, of Chicago, had been there about ten days

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Hodokin's Disease. — N. Senn • reports 2 cases of Hodgkin's dis-

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3. The Cystoscope: Its Indications and Contraindications In Genito-

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useful book of reference. The author has solved the

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p.ain and had lost blood whenever the in.stn.mcnt was passed

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inflammation, and another direct result was the mini-

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From these cases and these examinations, therefore, it would appear

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In all these situations, the most marked diagnostic feature is the connection

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mournfally on a wounded sailor who has fallen into the arms

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The surface of the patella was slightly blood stained. The

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provement by organization of the ground) , his weapons,

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practice, among the well-to-do classes, the number was 4 per thou-

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a distance of at least 2 X > inches, there was a small

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culture was added to an inclined rat blood agar to which some rat blood was

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plaints is at times from gastric disease originally organic, but

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cases of tabes dorsalis are different from those in

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term paroxysmal is sufficiently descriptive. This term applies to certain

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in the system for seven months" (the allusions are to facts detailed in the

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exceeded the maximum endogenous excretion gives lower figures for

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were with him at the infirmary, and his medical practice in Aber-

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coexistence either of scorbutus or malarial poisoning.

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Center, Salt Lake City. Contact: Mike Johnson, (801)581-3293.

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may produce on the stubborn intellects of a British jury. The

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microscope. At the time it was thought by Dr. Weeks to be

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no rash present. Following day, increased congestion of fauces,

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in a small stinging sensation in the part attacked, described by the patient as

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been enabled, provided always that it is otherwise in condition,

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factors govern or prevent this dischai^ from occurring. Such are the

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