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cocaine is a feeling of cardiac anxiety or depression, but with
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population of over twenty thousand that is rapidly increasing, which
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pulse in pelvic disorders went to both right and left
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demonstrating the great value of my "attachment," the
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this State, and there is no way to stop them. It is the only houses they
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does not constitute a valid reason for their action. The wiiter of the
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phlets, and lighter productions, as reports, statements, papers, &.c. &-c. on
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one and one-half years from spasmodic torticollis. Nerve-stretching was resorted to,
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hours, and so no results were obtained from these inoculations.
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And yet of our 150 military hospitals, we venture the assertion that
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and nodular; the superior curvature is also thickened, but to a
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handle in one piece with the electrode, and for the lat-
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belief; but the decline of the epidemic there without attaining any great
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lation in the subcutaneous veins. After having fixed the bands in
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dra" upon the part whicii has become incarcerated in
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Repr. from: Physician &, Surp., Detroit, 1892, xiv.
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both of the patients just reported. That and empty-
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begins to cool stir in the carbolic ariil. The addition of tho
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those fingers normally and pass into the interdigital
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article then refers to the death of Count Cavoui-, who had been bled six
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two symptoms are not present simxiltaneously, unless indeed there actually
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tight a squeeze ? Be that as it may, Messrs. Johnson have
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stem pessary, and does it successfully. It removes com-
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trials of different specimens of the same serum, producing generally identical
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a very inhumane instrument, and if twisted too tight, or kept on
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fascia, and inoculations made through a sterile glass
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instructions to be sent for if the pains came on stronger. He
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hesitation, and only from the conviction that, in the end,
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of the normal, which would put the foot upon the ball in
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ments, had a voice of peculiar weakness, joined to an extraordinary

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