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normally in the nasal secretion, in the urethra, and in the

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salicylate is an oxytocic under certain circumstances.

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Dr. Melville Black. Med. & Surg. Reporter, I'hila., 1895,

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diminish the stature, and to deform the chest by unnaturally

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the reality of the morbid change is said to be at once made apparent if the

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fatal in a few dajrs or weeks, the course of the disease is usually vefj

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and as giving the substance of a passage in the Philebus, which

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all pretty well agreed as to its usefulness and the indi-

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5. Peabody F. The care of the patient. /AMA.1927;88:877-

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delighted the eyes of tens of thousands cheering her progress

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The mode of attack and the initiatory symptoms of the disease present

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given to many other diseases. If neglected, it is liable

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windpipe are pinched between the finger and the thumb the re-

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that the blood is almost completely driven from the vessels.

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The occurrence of these cases at this place is so very singu-

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those vaccinated by grattage it was, in general, severe. The re-vaccination

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position he held in the community and the society, and sup-

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in some instances, immediately in others, has been a diminu-

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siderable prominence of the stomach on account of the wound having

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nerve on one side only, and it is especially suggestive of an aneurismal

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phagocytes," which are always possessed of a single

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adjacent surface o." the tonsil by adhesions, or may have upon its

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those of idiopathic epilepsy, the chances of the success of an operation

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irritation was prescribed, and the patient was directed to return in

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membrane of the intestine when there is a co-existing diarrhoea. Hae-

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(,r;tv\/: made an extensive study of the anatomic changes in guinea-pigs

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It will be noted that the term laryngeal paralysis is ap-

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man of wide sympathies, great charity and love for humanity.

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Spartans and Romans at certain periods ; most of the Sclavonic tribes,

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