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21. Barth (see Note 18) states that he found some isolated islands of young

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Under such conditions the processes and functions are

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on a child. It plays a great part in moulding the disposition. The

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On a New Method of Treating Scabies (From a Correspon-

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may produce on the stubborn intellects of a British jury. The

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vent sickness in hot weather. Children who are already puny and

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unfavorably affecting the process of digestion, while the Peptonoids

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groin. About six months before he came under observa-

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B}it. Mc-J. Jour., Aug. lSiS2, p. 362, is a paper by Mr.

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sider that 19 originated in the lungs and corresponding groups of

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If wound is torn much, secure the dog's mouth and tie his

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the pulmonary artery ; it is also heard in the carotids and as a continuou.s

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states that if this line of treatment ia persisted in, a cessa-

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of thd ])atieut sliould be iiKjuired into with great care, for we must

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ginia, Richmond, Va. ' he operated upon, to know the architectural

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evidence that the deeper structures are defective, and then

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to be he drawing up her clothes with the riaht hand to fhe

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12, or 40 per cent., of his 30 cases of hemon'hage.

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the preservation and promotion of health and deals,

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dred nurses of the hospitals of Baltimore, he made the

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form a very good idea of the functional activity of each

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pigment. In preparations stained with hsematoxylin these bodies

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tumors frequently inoperable, such as rodent ulcer, carcinoma of

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those in the plains, although the most abundant loco plant in this

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still in doubt as to the efficacy of the treatment, it seems to have come

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found, as most surgeons probably have, that the simple starched

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