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4.— Observations on Abdominal Operations. — E. N.

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and the })atient had an apathetic appearance, but with all was cheerful,

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any unfortunate patient who may desire release from his sufferings. One

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bladder until the patient complains of pain from overdis-

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glass into a solution of absolute alcohol and ether of

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General of the State and President of the Ohio State Medical

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As colored chalks are likely to be poisonous, they should be

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rhage took place, of a venous character. He did not understand why this should be, but

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Opiates. — Thirteen patients received deodorized tinc-

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a petition transmitted simultaneously with the memorial, with

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quotidian type, a tendency on the part of the attacks to anticipate,

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Continual sinking down towards the foot of the bed, denotes great

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volutions by experiments produce the same results. Further

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tarium of a physician in one of the new Western towns ;

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has sufficient data to bear him out in this opinion, which,

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Icr (R ) Eiuige Beobachtungen iiber das Verhalten der

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soft. Add a little sweet cream just before they are done.

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■which became frightfully gangrenous. The proximity of

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constitutionally. The use of protective inoculation

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thoracic surface of the diaphragm, is reflected on the lungs from the point

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about which he is to be examined before he goes into

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site the border of the eighth rib, to the left outwards for 2*4 inches. The open-

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I cannot recall a case in which the asthenic type gave way to the

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agine. The comparative test, made openly and under impartial

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the anterior pait of the chiasma is mainly involved ; homonymous

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figs. 297, 298). The recurved forms are often seen in the

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day the assistance you offered two years ago, it will be

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tion, a result which agrees with the fact that the disease in

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Publication. Washington, D. C., Bureau of the Census PC(1)-C2

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