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inclined to take a practical course, and really make investigations into
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Cafe of Encyjled Af cites, 'with Hydatids. By K. Macleay, M. D,
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Drogheda, and Wexford. Of these towns, the first three
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into the vagina, which it completely blocked up, occasioning retention of urine,
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that hysteria or neuropathies are capable of creating
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that, on being fubjected to difl'erent ftimuli, it has afforded figns of
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at the present day to be typhoid fever modified by the effects of extreme alti-
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while the convexity of the flexure was very dark and covered
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experiments that puncture of the diabetic area in the fourth ventricle
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created by the legislature to have the guard organization conform
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to improve long-term control. Patients receive all the
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ninety-eight, two hundred and fifty-one are living and two
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number of subjects. The list was not a long one, and yet
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and the senses for them. Here we must end our notice of a
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In endeayoring to explain the mode ot action, and nature of neryous and mascolar force,
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subside, after which succeeded a precipitate of a light grey
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as adjuncts to rational treatment. In the cold, or depressed stage, to
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tions needful for the establishment of its frequency.
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mixing. Although supposed to be non-toxic, cases of reaction
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and James J. Walsh, of New York City. This committee reported
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Not long since, in a court of law, Fig Juice was acknowledged to be
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entirely satisfactory. However, she had materially im-
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and violence, it will be well to investigate into the amount of
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in these two institutions. Total resident staff of six physicians.
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level, reaching 104° or 105° F. (40° or 40.5° C.) as early as the second or third
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as in the past. The vessels are to be disinfected in
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the most useful weights being about 200 grams. Among the pigs
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We must then seek some other and adequate factor in the case
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tion. In the Musee de Cluny there are two vases dated 1500 with the
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(Venice, 1592), the different kinds of pulse, etc. (Venice,
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works, and all manufactories employing more than 100 hands ;
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the cemetery laid off for them. He noticed that the
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notable instance of this recently. He referred to the fact
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The Widal reaction and the microscopic and numeric exam-
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its and attends to her duties as before; she sleeps well.
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Association ; Member of the American Medical Association ;
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fatty acids, becomes only incompletely oxidized, L e., only to

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