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corresponding to 4 to 10 grams of solids. The quantity secreted in

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proceeding in this manner we are certain that the hydrochloric acid, as well as all

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gegen die Toxine der Typhnsbacillen. Ztschr. f. Hyg. 11.

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the caustic is applied, otherwise tlie greater ])arl o( its power is lost in

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3. Either bean or potato decoction plus 1.5 per cent agar.

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table that it does not occur in babies under months old, in the summer of 1903, the

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description. Even when milk or cream is used in the composition of

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— Doctors E. B. Gray and H. M. Tuckwell, physicians to the Radcliffe

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his widow will certainly look at the death certificate, and out of consideration for her

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I have had no experience in the treatment of psoriasis beyond one

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Whereas, We, the members of the Essex South District Medical Society,

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more early and less obstinate stages of the complaint. Ancient

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ward, when questioned closely about the jirevention of

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duty of this commission, which should be in the em-

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these cases one often finds a single oval stone in the common

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"True," he responded, laughingly, "and a very good come too,

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that might be applied, but it commenced in the fibrous structures, and

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he made his examinations before the descent of the head through

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utmost variety of symptoms or even no symptoms at all, and which includes

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was closely blindfolded. Then every bone of the body that could

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X13 West 1 8th Street, New York • 404 South Fourth Street, St. Louis

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and in the Mouse Lvmphoma Cell (mutagenicity) assays, using concentrations of hvarochlorothiaziae

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previous acute attack. It is apt to follow gonorrhoea;

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with its contents. We cordially welcome the book and com-

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percentage of women. Among 600 cases Santos " found

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present. Well may we suppose that next to the thrill of bliss which shall sweep across the

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iicys ; the pyramidal bodies were mostly absent, and thf

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complete emptying the breasts at three hour intervals and for 15

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to go on to closure of the lumen and, eventually, con-

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