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vessels; the heart, as the generator of heat and the vital spirits, was
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has proved a never-ending dispute among naturalists, and from the very nature
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as ever J' movement of a muscle increases their agony.
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patients have not had a single sign of disease since recovery.
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chloride, one and a half per thousand of calcium chloride
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When the membranes are affected by the inflammatory process, the
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steadily growing in extent and power. This tendency is quite as
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ganized granulation tissue having none of the characteris-
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report of Rasch that in 43 cases of bronchopneumonia
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to his nervous system if cocaine alone is used, in addition
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the lumen is greatly constricted, or the passage of its contents
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have increased my business 50%. Now that " ain't to be sneezed
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however, the lids and hrow should he painted with the extract to dilate the
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of dysentery in Japan, and believed by him to be the cause of this
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oblong cells, plainly distinguished by the naked eye in the horse ; and into
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the disease assumes an intermittent character. In a great number of cases,
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months later, following a cerebral hemorrhage, he became completely paralyzed
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right side, the patient is doubled up; relief has been ob-
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not imparting information per se of a clinical value, and
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\- -CM. II a- pci^Mhle after -terih-atiun and -utiire <>f th.' wound tnea-lires
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seems now to indicate the superiority of opium as a remedy for cere-
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rise to the greater fixity of the limb at the time when hopes
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the other hand, in cases of chronic nephritis, even though the danger
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out from the blood through the cutaneous exhalents. We are
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ened and permit the albumen of the blood to drain away through
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Insanity in the Jury-box. — A medico-legal point of

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