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until the heart becomes weakened by dilatation, that the patient applies to
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completely and become extremely delicate, veil-like, and wrinkled.
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Third day. — Red cells unchanged. White cells appear to show slight
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peer review. Perhaps it is time to more fully extend
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^ Barger and Dale, " Chemical Structure and Sympatho-mimetic Action of
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fatal, it is so in consequence of the superaddition of some other
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ness is very soon followed by a swelling of the tonsils; at first, only one
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generations, will accumulate the conditions of the litliic
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away ten, I think, as I for one feel fully convinced that
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of the best monographs on this topic that have yet been pub*
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cause of this phenomenon, but it immediately suggests itself to the
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patients will strive to ignore the possibility of inherited or
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gastro-enteritis often are best treated by purgation, but before be-
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instance, solid feces coated externally with blood would indicate a
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necessary. A section has also been added on certain
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bleeding is difficult in most instances ; often a vein is
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stricture in order to render dilation more complete. The
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morphia hypodermically ; drew off thirty ounces of urine
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convulsions had fallen under his observation. One occurred in his own practice, the
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» Edin. Med. Jour., 1847, and Begbie's Contributions to Practical Medicine, p. 68.
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week's return shows — Total niunber of cases admitted to
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the pieces from the dura mater, to raise the depressed
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short, recovered his health perfectly. The author gives another
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of color in the circulating fluid. A corresponding increase of
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We are not at present considering cases of umbilical hernia,
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having been restored. In seven, partial success was obtained, respiration having
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which after absorption are eliminated by the respiratory passages, and
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significance. When it is present the affected vocal cord remains motion-
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often burn or injure their fingers and toes. Perforating ulcers are more common
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in surgery in tlie noblest sense of the word, being to
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be conducted, it only remains to show by what means certain classes of
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warm. The retardation of putrefaction in the above case may have been

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