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Fig. 3 represents the rate of apparent disappearance of bacilli when

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particularly the red corpuscles, that the haemoglobin,

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ease. At this early stage, incorrectly termed by many

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but in view of the great facilities which the medical

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probal)ly contracted the disease there after birth. It is very

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although pale, is often very irritating, so that Dr Maclean has found it

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readily ascertained to be a direct infection from adult

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to London, as thereby they will bo enabled to deal with

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bed; and if the wound be severe, he must abstain from food to the extent that his

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(Jan., 1897,) an equally remarkable treatment by Static Electricity.

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ten percent preferred to get away from their practice to

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Case 3. Female, white, age 18, occupation domestic, came to me with the

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an undue enlargement of the volume, but, notwithstanding this, and an increase in the size of

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1850-52, the annual average number was, 10,713; that during the

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are brought about by voluntary movement, the exciting cause in each

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"An assistant surgeon shall rank as a. cording to the date of his commission ; and

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cular bandage extremely agreeable to the patient who

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2 Abderhalden: Die Schutzjermenle des lierischen Organismus, Berlin, 1912. See

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very cachectic, and attempts at moving the tumor gave her

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Medical Society supporting the efforts of the New York State

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that make them easily understood by the reader in their more familiar

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case of Paget's disease in this situation, the first, that

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' Saviard, Observations in Surgery, 1740. ' Deutsches Archiv f. klin. Med., 1875, x\'i.

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have given rise to this disease are destined to terminate in a short

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tured rapidly below the right knee, two inches from

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patulous, he again had a remission of all the urgent symptoms,

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more than half closed by the existing sutures of the

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