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allow of the bag slipping through it into the vagina, dilatation may be
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come out of the cars full of fever, and with many bruises, sores and ulcers;
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which may be found after death, are due to coincident affections or com-
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present. I wish in this connection to state that an ovum measuring 16x11x11
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bone separated from the shaft, and that was jx'rfcclly s<iuare, about ati
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riable rule, out of the question. But it will often occur, when the condi-
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It is said by Professor Kollikcr thai the firsl observations on this subject occur
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effected if its situation be borne in mind. If the patient is appa-
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as of great importance. It is only in the broadest meaning that the
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1 From this general rule I would except occasional cases of streptococcus infec-
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subsequently removed Avhen it AA'as in a sloughy state, \dz. Nos. 34
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volatile fluids, upon what ground is the invention claimed
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The amount delivered is ascertained from what is left in the cylinder after the titra-
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Offers exceptional opportunities for the treatment of
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English writers to this subject. Yet no original English communication
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of the ilium. This can be best made out by seizing the bone by the
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the shorter leg hot while the longer leg remains cold, and no artificial
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patients had not measured or estimated its length ; but
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the anterior inferior angle of the parietal, near the pterion — it
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process of preparation for staining, we must refer our readers
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young doctor has treated the patient until the money was
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Scandinavia. — Though Norway is almost exempt, Sweden has re-
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morbific germs ; whether they are of animal or vegetable beings ; the ex-
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made to flow from the vessels of the amputated part, whether
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regular. Then nothing is perceptible to the patient; and even when the
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See. ahn, Carl (-loh. Samuel). Historia niedica [etc.].
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is, therefore, that the virus of oriental sore should be employed in an attempt
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or never now ufed by him •, and, for fome years pall, he finds
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