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by implied promise to pay for the services unless there is some-

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utterance. Undoubtedly sexual excess has much to do

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In this series of 272,501 injuries infection was met in 16,350,

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ternal coagula, a layer of coagulable lymph, poured out by the

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great majority of cases some tuberculous foci are left behind in the paren-

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action, the eye looks more towards the right side than the patient supposes

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tendency to catarrhal and inflammatory affections of the lungs.

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sidered by us to belong to the verge of, and caused by,

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September 27) more than 4.4 gm. per kilo were taken without producing

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place between the peritoneum and the abdominal walls,

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We have read with care Dr. Hansen's account of the physical

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unusual character, leading at first to tlie diagnosis of some

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tho organisms have l)een found in the pus from fetid abscesses about the

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The male organs consist of testes, vas deferens, vesiculcE seminales,

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!'''-'"■■ = ' "I h.;-e uonnd. in.oKin^th.-lar,::e joints e-peualh if hone o

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the liver is passively congested and can be felt below the costal arch, tender

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Muir and MclSTee ® on the action of a hsemolytic immune body when

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in chemically equivalent terms of iodin. There is a direct addition of the halogen

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Series 2. — In these experiments a solution of sodium glycocholate

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it is hoped will, as long as it is in action, constantly restrain the

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We know that milk always contains large numbers of leucocytes —

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The entire gap was closed in this manner, the ends of

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South Dakota State Medical Association extends a special thank you to the “Doctor of the Day” participants for

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repaired and the growth quickly attains its former size.

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wound broke down after union had taken place. The pa-

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there were evidences of marked inco-ordination in the

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has decided that the disease is contagious and that the

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all the diseases now under our consideration we may use the play-

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carbolic acid. Surely no one who has experience in the

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large enough with thin stockings is too small on the approach of cold weather and

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in males; it is seldom manifested symptomatically until about fifty or sixty

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