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neighbor and physician who knows and can prove facts

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al history of acute inflammations wherever seated. The tevcT^ under

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not superficially since the cutaneous excitability always renders the

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bladder, be turned over to our care for proper treatment.

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been no further symptoms of syphilis in the interval. There is

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tributed entirely to their retention in the ascitic fluid, since

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charity herein was so famous that not only neighbours but several out

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dangerous hemorrhage, as well as an unsightly looking

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by the introducion of a strip of gauze. The raw surfaces are not covered with

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intestine of man. In 1903, Schaudinn extended the previous investiga-

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be taken. When the gastric intolerance is extreme, the first doses are re-

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ing from the extension of a disease which, always present

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8. Mrs. H., set. 24; primipara. Chronic albuminuria. Cardiac enlargement and

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and bronchi. The application of remedies in the form of gas is hi

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cholangeitis or a gall-stone arrested in the common duct. The jaundice

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it follows the aural complications of grippe. Its symptomatology,

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influence of this class of agents, is. perhaps, the most important one in all medi-

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resulted in hyperemia. The circumscribed area affected was

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typical acute nephritis, or, if one please, the "average" kidney of acute

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were already yellow. The urine was high-coloured, and con-

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pears, whortleberries, blue-berries, peaches, oranges, plums,

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ing to sufferers of either class to think there is a specific re-

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affected, especially if the patient has impaired renal function or is receiving i

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little free fluid, though it may gradually make its way through this

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clinicians to-day condemn its use and resort to ice and

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