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contain a poisonous group, and this is equally true of both patho-
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1887, Fehling^ began removing the ovaries with a view to curing
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Summanj of Macroscopic and Microscopic Examination.
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disorders of the genito-urinary system. Our druggists carry it in stock and I
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developing yellow fever were immediately isolated from the Stegomyia
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Act, is hereby prohibited ; and any person who shall ship or deliver for shipment
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Osgood; Hematology, Kracke, Osgood; Parasitology, Craig and Faust, Chandler, deRivas,
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at several points around the cornea. There is no particular point
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Not so of the demerits of Allopathy. They are prominent to
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the opinion that it was thus excited, though no undue force was applied to the
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times results in tubercular and other infected joints by
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he thought every tub should sit on its own bottom, and that the
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Gofman: Well, there were accomplishments where you had to
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of the joint torn. The tendon was sutured with catgut
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peaux records the case of man who came under obser-
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month, where a great part of the brain as yet contained no myelated
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admitted to hospital in a condition of cachexia and died, covered with boils and
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complains of feelmg out of sorts and weak especiaUy the egs,
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History.- June 10, 1913, always well on again four years ago.
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the majority of the inoculations were carried out with one strain only, it is taken

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