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exanthemata, syphilis, yellow fever, mumps, and whooping-cough implies

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it is usually a sign that the patient is being overfed.

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nation also is greater than that of images resulting from oblique rays,

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observe that a micro-organism possessing in small degree the property of

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For obvious reasons the disease is more frequent in men than in

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tinue sixteen weeks. The lectoras will be delivered as follows.

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though, when young, they seem less predisposed than m adult age.

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5. In Anaemia we have to consider whether it is caused — (a) by direct

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most other tumours, their period of formation and groAvth coincides with

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we may include also various other clinical forms of diarrhoea, which are

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detected, and the abscesses bursting into the general peritoneal cavity

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out of sixty-five fatal cases only sixteen showed the presence of this

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2. The saprophytic micro-organisms, which can live outside living

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ordered ; firmness and kindness go far to succeed in this.

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inability of the individual to take nourishment, or is partly or wholly the

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From these results it appears that images formed by direct light are

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tain time is required for the poison to accumulate to a degree sufficient

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18. Leyden. Virch. Arch. 1863.-19. Coats. Medico-Chirurg. Trans. 1878.-20.

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already mentioned, forms so prominent a feature of the disease. Un-

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meals, no second helpings, avoidance of soups and of much liquid with

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or less serious disturbances which destroy the bacilli themselves, being

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remove stains from the hard skin of hands, feet and knees, but it must

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may be great exudation under two apparently opposed conditions : in

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for breath, failing pulse, great depression of temperature, prolonged cold

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