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notwithstanding this, the fact remains that indicated.

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was approaching its 100th j'car, when it wotUd be found

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The utmost care and gentleness must always be exercised, for, while

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pitalized in another city. Two days before admission to

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whole too tight and a source of much trouble. If it is

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movements should have been produced by these inoculations and that

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cause palpitation, giddiness, or nausea, which may be erroneously

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without cause; after this his feelings were greatly re-

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Dr. Aquilla Smith : The Examining Board must apply to

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about the same. 21 days after heating, the lymphocytes showed a tendency to

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She was connected with the Wigbys, Greswolds (of JIalvem

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The eruption was also present on the anterior surface

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Clinically, there are, of course, many transitions between these two

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taken back to the troops by the noncommissioned officer who accom-

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for years had been permeated by tuberculosis. But an independ-

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Colchici 5i.j '■> Spirit. jEther. Nit. §iij ; Aquw 5 VSS - M. Sumat semiunciam

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■well-to-do and the poor receive will be apparent

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-courageously to the end. — Indian Medical Record.

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indeed so generally admitted, that the actual period has been a

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ill-shaped and misbegotten Bill, which we have sat here for

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Ewen's operation, or rather a combination of that method

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govern and guide its energy. For if matter were not associated

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loss of strength to the child, and, if it recover ultimately, it

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attack, is just the same child it was before, except that it

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have changed in the times. In other words, it would be but an exempli-

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mortar, and put them in a pipkin with 4 oz. of vinegar ; boil

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