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propose as a dernier ressort the application of the galvanic stimulus

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2. Lesions that Augment the Development of Tetanus and other Infec-

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have not been encouraging. There are several remedies that moderate

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middle phalanges of nearly, all the fingers. The left in-

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Each subject is treated in a sharp, practical manner and

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the first measures. Severe pain must be combated by the hypoder-

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most immediate. For a month or two they may complain of a

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can anything resembling eclampsia be produced by ligature or thrombosis

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1810. Mr Luxmore on Strictures of the Urethra^ Isfc. 105

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patient. When she comi)lained of a burning .sensation

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15,624 men receiving complete and incomplete vaccination, Leishman

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the hospital Sept. 25, 1915, with a diagnosis of chronic nephritis and hyper-

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driven rapidly. On October 27 it seemed best to kill the animal and

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attacks dropped from 18,000 to 11,000; and from that

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upon irritation of other portions of the mucous mem-

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to have their deaths verified, rupture of the aneurismal sac was noted in about

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use of vials No. i to No. 4. If the toxic effect is not pro-

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of 17.5 in every 1,000 of the population. Omitting the deaths

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glass tubes is a great improvement upon the older method

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ture, the mortality from Cassarean section may be so If "Thomas' operation"' is to abolish that of cranio-

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until two quarts are taken daily. It is best given in small amount, one or

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It is safe to say that this is the highest effort in philology ever attempted in

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ing the treatment of those diseases of the rectum com-

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even a longer time, after the removal of the placenta,

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