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in the summer time to the fields and dry pastures, where no water

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tbe eye. J. Trop. M.. Loud., 1898-9, i, 43-46. Also: Brit.

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results in his * Graduation Dissertation." He tabu-

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inserted them through the tracheotomy wound, and removed both the plugs,

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Brain and Diseases of the Heart." Dr. Burrows, however, evidently

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culi. They are best seen in the lower groups of animals and in the

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observed that the blood serum of a horse suffering from glanders

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11 *The President's Address, American Medical Association.

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When the cervix, as so often is the case, is found to be

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overcome what he was born to. The only security of such a person is

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itis. It is doubtful if inflammation of the stomach or intestinal canal be

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cretions or fluids from the disease should be inoculated in

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period of tim.e (1 to 3 months) constituted evidence of cure and the

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practically to l)e my ex[)eri( nee with tumor.*- of thischii-s.

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fession under obligation, by the publication of a work the want

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monial consisted of a beautiful dining-room clock, bearing the

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Paralysis. — Paralytic troubles are rare during the onset of typhoid fever,

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If one cannot get boiled water any other way, it is well

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tention of the stomach, an inclination to throw up, and coldness of ^, /tL ^

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the Nuclear Medicine Department, Blood Bank, Plateletpheresis Center, Clinical

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had extended to the knees ; she could not move out of bed, and there

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incision above the left spine of the ilium through the

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and optical laboratories and the reading room, while the

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lated at the same time with equivalent amounts of the same material,

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nasal catarrh accompanied by an excessive secretion of

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cept those pertaining to diet ; whether we study the physical de-

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up ; then, while the free end is closed by the finger, it

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whose enemies labelled him "the Lord of the Fens," was not opposed to

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Another matter in regard to the medical inspection of schools. This

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by fomites, is now universally admitted. The larger proportion of

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a Philadelphia hospital. The starting-point of the epi-

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Fliissigkeiten hervorgerufenen Entziindungserscheinungen.

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Prof, of Diseases of the Eye and of General Hygiene.

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