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should have been led to the conclusion "that all the forms of fever
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morphia hypodermically ; drew off thirty ounces of urine
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car. The right superior maxilla was crushed in and the
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Argyll-Hobcrtson pupil, ataxia, and loss of knee-jerks are distinctive. If
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were quite brilliant. To satisfy the numerous letters of inquiry from phy-
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testing various oxygen tensions. Therefore nitrogen was used to
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Bloodvessels are seen in the exudation pioducts, -which hloodvessels communicate with those in the alveolar
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courte-y to the profession— 25^,"— which was "pretty
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separation of its head in the acetabulum can be readily
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r the water-dressing, the mhalation of the warm vapor, and ano-
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examined tlie stomach of a woman who had had repeated
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and the opening of them, effected by a spring between their
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ventricle ; it can be applied indirectly through the descent of the brain
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loses no time in getting to work at the subject. If this war
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somewise a protective mechanism preventing a condition of
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paratus. The principle of this coil is that of Tesla's. These
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N. C; Donald E. McColIum, Winston-Salem, N. C; Robert B. McEntee, Newark, N. J.
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Medica," I suggested that the specialists of our school might do
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2. " Do you know the meaning of the word ' rhyme ' ? Two
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The discharge from the abscess cavity now steadily diminished in amount and grpw
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Sterilization of Catgut by Heat — Professor M. Schiil-
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treated of in separate chapters, and finally the subject of
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tion for losses to Naval Medical Officers should be
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cle, we should bear in mind the rarity of tuberculosis in cancerous per-
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meridian, but a myopia of one-sixteenth in the vertical
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Cheques or Fost-offue Orders should he mads payable to llr.
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of a grain, injected every other day for thirty times, will consume
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Treatment.— Repeated doses of thymol (see p. 593) as used in hook-
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Cholelithaemia and catarrhal icterus, to remove auto-
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sessing such antitoxic blood was lower, and reached only
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She had nothing but a gown on ; so I said over her that I did not care
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transfixing the textures once. A loop of wire is passed over
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ptoms of locomotor ataxy; but, unless Mr. Smith's case,
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nant disease of the omentum and pylorus was discovered, which indicated the
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