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some disease of the blood vessels, or their surroundings, while the amount

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by an adequate remuneration. The Committee therefore

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teaching and to add to the comfort of the classes. Among

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Southern Tirol, or the Riviera. In summer a cooler locality should be

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This child would not breathe through its mouth until com-

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that in the placental vessels. There had been no hem-

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disappears, to return again, however, on the occurrence of a bronchial

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food should be of easy digestibility and small in bulk.

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spiration ratio, tlierefore, was exactly 2. The pulse of

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Practice and profitable subsistence. This is the less to be won-

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veiled upwards to the sensorium commune and excited sensation ;

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tion were induced by doctor or midwife. Cases of in-

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63 The Early Treatment of Insanity — Illustrated. By Daniel R. Brower, M. D., of

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selves, as appears odious to their jaundiced eyes in those whom they es-

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(mitigated) inoculation material. Peuch attempted this by diluting the

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Cuvier writes — "the form of bodies is more essential to them than the

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A large number of gall-stones were found in the gall-

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So relaxed was the mucous membrane when the ring was first intro-

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report of them might be useful, at least for new beginners in the pro-

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of many pneumonias, the ice bag is useless after the first few

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seen the pulse reduced below fifty in the minute by antimony, and but

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that we intimate to him that we cannot replace him on the

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dark as to the patency of either the pylorus or the

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ed to fill a highly important function in the economy of one of the

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on the outcome. The cutaneous circulation was good.

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that the micrococcus found in broncho-pneumonia occur-

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some Folio, containing about 230 pages of text, Illustrated with Engravings and 39

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ease, while, in the latter, the submaxillary glands are

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students of heredity and evolution are, and have been, very few

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