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myelitis, with disseminated lesions (white and grey matter), or with localized

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tion to Dr. Moorhouse's name being added to the committee.

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Castellani in 39 cases grew streptococci from the blood of the heart in 32

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hospital itself, to convalescents from the other." Dr. Henderson,

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Treatment — Acute form. — Leeches should be applied to the

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often cited as an evidence of the bad effects of muscular contraction and of the

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fession have not, at least until recently, attached to

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pv(lsB!:isrIiWQaktiidTrliithef second it may _be_ full

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Case 7. — In June 1867, I was asked by Dr Burn to see Mr F.,

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grooved to prevent slipping. On the outer side of these

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numbering about twenty on each side (Fig. 85). The ova are oval

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ated on the superior aspect of the mucous membrane covering the right

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tagion so strong and sure as that of smallpox and none that operates

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Educational sessions highlight the biweekly meetings held at

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ently healthy but very small. The child ^^^ because it not only increases the solid

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interested in theories and in lesions, still they do not help us

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perspiration occurred ; a new crop of ecchymoses ap-

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usually from the median, but sometimes from the radial branch of the

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kidneys, and consequently a less amount of material passes through

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especially recommend a careful perusal of what he has to say about

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In it he has incorporated the views of some of the latest writers

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previously they were quite familiar to him. When shown objects

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same explanation will not apply. Martaens tells us, that on a very

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I lady suffering with acute peritonitis. She assurt^d

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south, almost divided into two equal parts by some buildings. This

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had been focused on electrical manifestations by the

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