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fats in the body; in simple starvation, however, the premor-
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reduction of tension and consequent alleviation of pain. The discharges
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clerkship in the third year of school. Instruction is
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thoroughly cauterized, care being taken to avoid the
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4. Xestle's infant's meal, in which a good Swiss milk in concentrated
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actual flying experience both at Mineola and at the flying fields.
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for fairly rapid growth, and the patient tried to stop
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found in the anterior column a degeneration much more exten-
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I confess I started in with the assumption that there was
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tion is the alimentary canal, and an injudicious dietary acts mainly in
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reported last week at EUand. The correspondent of the
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pain, for which I administered ten grains of TuUy's
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ring (N. B.) Some freaks of malai ia : reiniii kable hyper-
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it l)e a result simply of a circumscribed inflammation, or whether it be due
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to some three inches in diameter, varying as much also
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of the stable, and the administration of food which can be easily
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Prognosis. — This is somewhat better than in hemorrhage, death not being
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Southern Tirol, or the Riviera. In summer a cooler locality should be
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F. R.S., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Secretary to the
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serous. None of the ordinary signs of inflammation have
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patulous, he again had a remission of all the urgent symptoms,
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aorta, taken from the body of a constable, who died suddenly in the
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severity of the pains; only from three to five paroxysms a day; three yester-
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vessel that is ruptured, its orifice is incapable of
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fluid into its lower layers, and the fluid, brought into the
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responds with the indication afforded by the situation of

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