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osseous bridges, extending across the tympanic cavity. Seigel's
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It is, at any rate, certain that clothes and bedding may become vehicles
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Edinburgh Medico - Chirurgical Society. — November 2, 1904.
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muscular exercise of them as possible, seemed to be the principal indications
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which he had recently employed it with "the best effect. The
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Moore in his Life of Lord Byron states : " Lord Byron when at Venice was seized
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the chill has come on aftier a ftiU meal or after eating indigestible food,
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answer to a question, or before framing an intelligent form of utterance ;
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cording to their individual and not collective capacities. And
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for two, five, ten years, and even longer, have been completely
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has observed a branching of the secretory tubules of these glands, also an
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plague in India, Kashmir has escaped untouched. The
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•always been the case, but improved and ultimately recovered.
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Neuralgia. — PatJwlogy and general characters — Trifacial neuralgia, &c. —
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tion here is where the trouble usually exists. Aloes or Aloin is a
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Martel, conceruant le laccourcissemeut m6tbodique des
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Chester, on July 17 last, and carefully considered the question,
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Koromautyn maroon of Jamaica and the Congo negro slave
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and though descri])tions of what we learned at school to
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to the profession, and to n move that opprobrium was
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to be satisfied that these apparently almost impossible results were
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stimulation of the nervous system. In severe forms of pneumonia digitalis
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with sulphur. These variations, I repeat, are so wide that
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stantly causes basic pleuritis, which may possibly be recognised during
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sen. In his: Cbir. Klin, zu Bern, Jena, 1891, 118-123.—
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Dr. J. E. Cowles, Los Angeles: I would commend the writer for his courage;
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Instructor in Surgery, University of Bishop's College ; Assistant Surgeon, Western Hospital.
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SouEVY is so little known in modern times that a naval sur-
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uniform course of the graph of amplitudes is not accounted for by a
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that acute insanity was a disease of the mind. But what was
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it not be wise of our legislators to inquire sometimes whether
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habitants of Teheran, including'many of the Shah's house-
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tough fibrous tissue. Tlie abscess varies in size and as to the direction in
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But in the absence of a source of E. M. F., rendering it pos-

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