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would therefore seem to be less in need of grinding than that which
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resistance and of deep infiltration to the finger. Sprinkled
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Rhabditiform larva of hookworm in faeces eight to twelve hours after passage of
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suffering thus will almost invariably complain of pain. At
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mixture six ounces. M. S. Dose, a tablespoonful twice
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were inclosed in a single membrane (pericardium). During life the pulsa-
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revised, and many new illustrations of the viewfs of
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not entirely, of copper and nickel, and filled with a lead core.
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together only one and one-half ounce. The cortical portion
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the operation from the permanent effects of the lesion. He thus escapes
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ring in his hospital service in the same day, in addition to
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Moseley, Charles W., Greensboro, (Hon.); Bait. Med. Coll.,
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nutrition and growth of the tissues which are concerned in ossification. It
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Still further out from the city is the newest hospi-
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Cohn and Bergman : Ueber die Ursachen der Taubstummheiten
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10, 1893, is granted Captain Edwakd C. Carter, assistant
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' The last report of the Lunatic Asylum at Xortliampton, Mass.« for 1870,
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or uncut fibers of the muscle, the blunt hook should be reinserted, and
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most frecpient species met with, encephaloid being very rare,
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attractive. You’ll receive 30 days paid vacation, opportunities to continue edu-
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example, does not certainl}^ prevent the development of syphilis, yet
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wounds. In another similar case, I should suggest that, so
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In the light of this experience the ipecac of yesterday has become the
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miracle agreed with its antecedent^ the discovery of the plot. The
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of persons suffer from a certain amount of mental depression
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the vagi are said to take a more or less prominent part
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Dr. G. B. Jenkins : I like the definition of constipation given by
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after the age of from 55 to 60, it almost ahmys announces the
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study, unvarying in its requirements, would as naturally tend
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to progress in its surgery. Much of cerebral localization is ytt
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doing for the last two years : We have been in commuruca-
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work of women because of the peculiar importance to the community of
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Treatment.— The treatment of gout is concerned with the parox-
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the other just the reverse, removed by Dr. Notting-
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Series 2. — In these experiments a solution of sodium glycocholate

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