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but localised peritonitis ensued, of which he died on the'

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them, and cannot fail, by the suggestions which they make and

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these leaflets the most monstrous stories were still conveyed

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Banks asked, "been neglecting too much that general learn-

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have done. As a comment on these facts, the narrator re-

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and actually received upon the cutaneous and mucous sur-

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of time and expense incurred on account of the improper treatment.

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Surgeon Pringle, Dr. Morton, Dr. Ridge, Dr. Norman Kerr,

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The cicatrix is quite sound, andthere is ;qo indication .of any

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to see it stainped out in its veiy heme— meaning thereby

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Government sacrificed their consistency and tlieir governing

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specimens shown. (2) A case of Fractured Skull, with Lacera-

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Nicolls, M.A., Pet. ; Ord, B.A., Gonv. and Cai. : Peck, B.A., Trin. -

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Dr. LiTTLEjoHN, medical oflicer of health and police surgeon

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teen persons being attacked in all from the rtiuaway patiert Only one

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ments are clearly described, whilst discussion of disputed

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It IS difficult to give an explanation of this strange phenome-

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Chapter iii treats of the geographical distribution of leprosV

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