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applications of a solution of silver nitrate from 1 to 5 per cent, strength,

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this way either follow blindly or not at all, and the practice seems more

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ble, markedly confused, noisy; appeared to have no ap-

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doses. From my own observations, the dose of five drops of a reliable

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his cases will yield to treatment and result in cures,

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courses in the L'nited States — two years for most of

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the conjugate sulphates were usually not increased in cases of chlorosis.

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entire night, the result was deemed to be satisfactory. Only two patients

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but for a long time there was marked anaesthesia of the external portion of

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The development of our knoAvledge of the malarial parasites, the

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given subculancously. At 9.30 o'clock the patient was


in the hopes of finding an appendix which has probably already sloughed

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5 Aufl., ii. 123) is right in considering the reported cases to be really in-

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with cardiac insufficiency, the prognosis should be

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left the hospital, the resulting cicatrix, which healed by primary inten-

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than a third of a century of practical experience in

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showed nothing abnormal or even suggestive outside of the

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substances, and that their presence is necessary for

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at the margin will be circular in shape rather than

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time. This phenomenon was more constant and distinct in the leg than in

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Paralysis ; and the Diseases of the Cranial Nerves.

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called attention to certain cases of spinal meningitis

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bacillus disappeared from the liver and appeared in

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Patient was single, aged fifty-three, and a school teacher

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in the operation ! Startling as the primitive crude-

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pain radiating through the abdomen. This continued for eighteen weeks

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jection to this. In the latter disease, if the infant

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organs. The posterior surface of the organ at the fundus is the seat of

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