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Dear Doctor : Please say in your next issue that the East

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and keep irrigating until every vestige of undigested food has been

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crying need for authority on the part of somebody to enforce these

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A Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Allied Sciences, published at

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A limited number of physicians or others who have had


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the question of diagnosis is to be considered. The conception of

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February but one |)atient had a contagious disease,

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Station, Cavite, P. I., and ordered to the "Annapolis."

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Experimental Pathology (Minor). Dr. MacCallum, twice

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of the writer, of course) may be criticized as a species of vanity

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Dr. F. P. Patton, of Glencoe, Illinois, and the patient advised to consult me.

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v/ith the students (who almost invariably reacted baby and scarlet),

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Hence it seems as though the dream were merely an episode in

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cinations of hearing. This condition persisted during the summer

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favorable results in cases so treated. The rationale

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acute progressive psychoses frequently a high brain weight is

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tained by the jar of walking is an important factor

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Throat Charity Hospital, Oculist and Aurist to the Home for Incurables ;

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Wilburt Cornell Davison. Brooklyn, N. Y. 923 N. Bdway.

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want to say that if there is any doctor in Texas who is so unfor-

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have been arranged. These will be found of value not only as an

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Dr. J. W. Talbot, Texarkana, Texas, will receive for treatment

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man of Board of Examiners at Washington, D. C, Jan. 12,

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icus, with consequent pain simulating appendicitis.

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(including bacteriology), will be advised to withdraw from

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school will not attempt clinical instruction, but w^ll give only the

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maintenance of a Medical School worthy of the reputation of this

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ADA MERCANTILE AGENCY, of Chicago. First and last I

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after sleepless periods, caused by a protracted, irritable cough.

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nite basis of constitutional inferiority and that the recovery, while

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a proliferation of the su})endothelial lining of the

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would not increase the amount of toxic material in the blood and

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ounce of dark, thick tarn' fluid. Spleen was slightly enlarged and

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The Historical Club meets once a month throughout the

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the cases exhibited mental symptoms, states that psychical distur-

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labia with the urethral orifice up into the vagina,

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Will F. Shallenberger. Some phases of nephroptosis in women.

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Mikulicz-Badeki, Von. Injuries and inflammatory processes of the

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and respiration. On Thursday night, at 1 :30 a. m. (early Friday

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tion of the second and third years the students have an oppor-

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May 29, 191 1. At about 6 p. m. of this date she had a general

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Dr. Charles L. Minor, ViccChairman . .Ashc;ille, N.L.

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consciousness, and the less disagreeable effects than

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