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injection. Tuberculin is used in veterinary medicine solely
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The steady decrease m the disease in communities as the water-supply
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The frequency of convulsions at the onset is probably overrated. The infant
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this point but with less marked remissions for two or three days longer, and
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certain patients may have slight fever, perhaps with some diarrhoea, lasting
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taria for the cure of tuberculosis; a change of surroundings and life in the
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severe, acute abdominal infection, especially with streptococci, the leuko-
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upon the accommodations given us by our respective com-
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we must admit that immunity can not be considered present. The import-
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Rush held that the infectious agent originated de novo from matter of a
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phore groups. Ehrlich 's explanation of the fact that a certain amount of
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descending neuritis. In a group of 26 cases of meningitis of the tuberculous
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meningisme. (2) Those in which the typhoid bacillus was found in the
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posed at an early time (Reiter, 1872) that the parasites of vaccinia occur in
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A twenty per cent, aqueous solution of nitric acid is poured
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cepting the following rules for guidance in the consideration
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prevalent in France and Denmark, especially among troops. In the third
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measure if the temperature is over 103° P. in the rectum.
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physicians who chose to give all their time to this special
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ment, they never become opaque, as sprue, and in this respect, when once
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five references: three physicians and two laymen. He also
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tous macules and later was suggestive of psoriasis. Ecthyma was present
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pure cultures of influenza bacilli, but mixed infections are more common.
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CHnically, the degree of dilatation of the heart and the strength of its beat
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The Blood. — In most cases there is a leukoc}i:osis ranging from 14,000 to
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rarely from operations upon other parts of the body. Barlow called attention
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The epidemic described by Tyzzer occurred entirely in adults. Probably
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for the local application of heat and moisture. They are

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